When the families and couples that I photograph look at their images , I can only hope that they can see how beautiful they are when they are loving on each other, and that these images can transport them back to those moments in time.

My goal is to produce imagery that is authentic to you that truly tells your unique story. I strive to capture the real moments, the hugs, kisses, embraces, and sometimes, the tears.


I'll capture you and your family authentically. Kick back, and we will have some FUN. Don't stress if you think your little ones will misbehave or become overly shy - as a mother I GET what children can be like - we will take it at their pace and let them (to a certain degree!) control where our session goes.






Children's photography was where my passion for photography started, and I'd have to say children are my favourite type of people to capture! 

Our babes are only young for such a little time, so being able to catch these fleeing moments to cherish for eternity should be a top priority for any parent.

I love children being, well, children, and I'll ensure we have fun doing our session. I'll make sure to capture a couple of more traditional photos (where the little ones are looking at the camera), and our session will insure to capture your precious ones' individual personalities.

'Wildling' sessions can be themed if you want to focus more on something your child is interested in (think a music session, or a session to celebrate another trip around the sun!).

Like all majority of my sessions, our Wilding session will take place outdoors - for two great reasons. The first being that there is so many beautiful outdoor locations surrounding us here in Otago, and secondly (and most importantly!) I find that our little people are much more themselves when they are outdoors, rather than trying to get a cheeky toddler to sit still in a studio, or a teenager being, well, a teenager, to relax much more easily when out and about in nature. I have a lot of tricks in my bag to ensure our session will be a success!






Maternity: Congratulations mama! It’s a special moment in your life and you need to think about many things, but I’m here to help you.  For many women, there’s no better way to remember their pregnancy and to register their journey to motherhood than a maternity photography session with Elizabeth Jenkins Photography. 

Around 30-32 weeks is the recommended time to schedule your maternity session for many reasons-this is the period when most women have the perfect shape for maternity photos with a well defined belly that clearly defines the progress of your pregnancy, and secondly, if you leave it too late then you may feel uncomfortable, and if your little babe(s) arrive early then this will surely disrupt your plans (in an exciting way of course).

Motherhood: If I asked you today to send me a photo of you and your children, what would it look like? I'm guessing it would be a selfie, am I right?  It's probably not of you being in the moment with your children, more likely it's a one handed selfie “cheesing it” for our phone camera. Don't you deserve to be the one NOT taking the photo for once? Do you ever say, "here take one of me so that the kids will remember I was even here!" More times than not, we as mothers are not in these photos but taking them. It’s your turn to be IN them.

Whether you are a first time mother or have more than one little babe, YOU deserve to be in those portraits. Just like in those albums of yourself as a child that you love to go through, your kids will want the same thing. Your kids deserve to see YOU with them when they look back on their childhood photos.




Kara director of Kader Boot Co.

"We hired Lizzy for an on location, commercial fashion shoot in Geraldton, Western Australia. The shoot ran for seven hours, and we were blown away with the huge amount of quality photos we were given in that space of time.


Lizzy has a fine eye for great commercial photos that make our brand stand out. We are still using original photos from the shoot three months on- that's a lot of content for a brand from one day of shooting.


The models felt comfortable with Lizzy, and we would fly her back to Australia in a heartbeat just to do another shoot for our brand!"


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