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Newborn photos are generally taken when babe is is between seven to fourteen days of age, as they are more sleepy and curl up easily. If you missed out on booking a session and your baby has already arrived and is older than this, don't fret as I don't need babe to full within the two week window. The older (up to three months at time of session) newborn photos are just as beautifully and we can often capture them during an awake period too.

Sessions provide ample time for feeding and comforting, and take 1-1.5 hours for 'Simplicity' sessions, or 2 – 3 hours for 'Classical' sessions.

I have a wide variety of quality props sourced both locally and internationally to choose from to style your session with.

Bookings are essential and should be ideally tentatively booked based on your due date, and then once your baby is born you can contact me to choose a time for your session.  This allows me to guarantee that I’ll have time available for you no matter if your baby arrives early or late.

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